What will the next generation of social media-savvy politicians look like?

A generation of leaders growing up on social media

  • People are going to have to completely wipe their social media presences before they enter the workplace. This actually happened to a former Interhacktive student of mine some years ago. Her employers in her first job post-graduation demanded that she completely wipe her social media presences before taking on her social media-centric job. This isn’t realistic. The internet never forgets, and so people’s pasts are still going to be findable if people look hard enough.
  • Only people with unnaturally pure backgrounds will be allowed in public life. This might be feasible — but will leave us with elected officials with such a distance from the average voter as to make our already chaotic politics even worse.

Beyond Obama and Trump on social media



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Adam Tinworth

Adam Tinworth


Blogging since 2001, journalisting (which isn’t a word, but should be) since 1994, and sleep-deprived since 2012. Journalism lecturer, consultant and trainer.